The volunteers of Young Aviators are working up an early summer sweat! Recruitment efforts are spooling up to find the lucky dozen students that will be the 2012 class of Young Aviators. Well we think of them as lucky, after all who wouldn’t want to be a Young Aviator?

The Young Aviators program puts teens in the pilot seat daily for a week, combined with daily simulator flights and hands on projects that make a one of a kind experience for students.

What we are really looking for are teens with the Right Stuff: responsibility, curiosity, and confidence. I wish every teen would have this opportunity, but the program is limited each year to only 12 students. 12 teens with the right stuff, which can use this investment made by their families, plus donors & sponsors, willing to invest in their future. An investment that returns to the area many times over.

This will be the 5th year for this education program. Some of the first students are entering careers that will benefit the community for years to come. Education is core to the future of our next generation, and our schools can’t do it alone. Putting teens in a summer program like our Young Aviators is one of the best methods to investment in our future.

This is not a Scouting program, but a tremendous opportunity for our Scouts in what looks to be a very worthwhile program.

  • Boys & Girls ages 14 – 17
  • Program Fee: $795
  • Applications due May 25th
  • Funding target needs meet by June 30th
  • Class of 2012 takes flight Aug 6th

More information, class applications, and scholarship request are available on the web site:

Young Aviators Corporation, Batten International Airport,
3239 North Green Bay Road, Racine, Wisconsin 53404