In 2007, while celebrating the Centennial of Scouting, I became really interested in International Scouting and working with my Cubs decided to spend a few weeks learning about Scouting Around the World. It was a great experience! We worked on language requirements in the Wolf book and the Language & Culture Beltloops, visited with AFS students from Waterford Union High School, videoconferenced and blogged with Scouts in Canada and Mexico, and each of the boys studied different countries to give reports during our den meetings.

Cub Scouts can’t yet attend International Jamborees – with two exceptions: Jamboree On the Air/Internet, and Jamboree On the Trail. I’m guessing you’ve at least heard of the former (we’ll talk about that in the fall), but you probably haven’t heard about the latter!

JOTT will take place “on or around” May 12, 2012 this year. The idea is to get every Scout and Guide outdoors and exploring on this special weekend. Think of it like everyone looking up at the same big moon all at the same time, connected by the “magic.”

It doesn’t matter so much where you go, or what you do, but that you get out and enjoy being on the trail. It’s a great time for Cubs to work on the Leave No Trace and Outdoor Activities awards, or for Boy Scouts to do a little “Cache In, Trash Out” or Photography work while working on some Merit Badges. It’s also one of the General Requirements that can be used toward the “International Activity” award at all levels.

I have some very favorite memories of JOTT – a camera hike with my boys that produced hundreds of digital photos, and an afternoon on the lakefront at Lakeshore State Park during a visit to Discovery World so we wouldn’t miss JOTT together!