The Corps of Discovery is for people who want to take a leadership role in building Venturing and Scouting.

The fundamental concept of the Corps of Discovery is to become a Servant Leader in Society.  The Corps is for both youth and adults, who take seriously the servant leader concept as taught in Venturing.  Servant leadership is a philosophy, teaching that a leader works with and through a team to accomplish service and growth to one’s home Venturing or Scouting community.

Membership in the Corps of Discovery is focused on encouraging young adults to step outside of their comfort zone and start their volunteerism while they are still in high school.  The idea here is to identify young adults who are or can become activists in there local scouting circle, this is why it is a service society rather than an honor society, anyone who is interested in helping out should be welcome to join and start helping.

Induction into the Corps of Discovery should be a “pay it forward” endeavor.   Membership in the Corps should be a compliment to the young person, but not a big celebration.

Only current members can nominate inductees into the Corps. However, any VOA Advisor, ADC for Venturing, Crew Advisor, Kodiak Course Director, or Venturing Roundtable Commissioner can select members to the Corps of Discovery. 

The next service project will be at Bender Park in Oak Creek, along the lake front, (off old Ryan Road, north of the Oak Creek power plant) on April 28, 2012 from 9 am until noon followed by an induction of new members. For more information, please contact Vince Tripi at  and identify the Corps of Discovery in the subject line.