It’s a long way from Tiger to Eagle, but did you know that if you are a Scout in Korea you’re not looking to earn your Eagle – the highest rank one can earn is Tiger! In the UK, the highest reaching Scouts are Queen’s Scout rank, while President’s Scout is the highest rank earned in many other countries. Scouts in many Mid and South American Countries are Knights, while top Scouts in Hong Kong are Dragons!

Starting in 2004 the World’s Top Achieving Scouts first met in Brunei and formed the ATAS in the Asia Pacific Region (APR). Just recently this group has become the ATAS WORLD, and membership is now open to all of the world’s top Scouts!

I first became interested in World Scouting in 2006 as we prepared for the original Centennial of Scouting. At that time I was working with Cub Scouts, and we looked at how Wolf Scouts were Lobos Scouts in Mexico, Tigers were Beavers or Joeys, and how some things were very different from country to country, while the programs remained very similar. I wasn’t involved in Boy Scouts yet at that time, so I was delighted to find the ATAS595 website, which I think may be from Malaysia and has a great comparison of Scouting’s Highest Awards around the world.

Over 30 Million youth are part of the Scouting movement worldwide! I hope you spend some time sharing International Scouting with the youth that you work with.