April is National Knuckles Down Month! Before you get into a fist fight, you might want to remember that knuckling down is the position you must assume before launching your shooter in a game of marbles.

It’s a great time to teach your Cub Scouts about the Marbles Belt Loop and Pin!

I’m fortunate in that I never lost my marbles as a kid, and I’ve been fortunate enough to pass them along to my sons now. But marbles are getting harder and harder to find. I’ve had pretty good luck at dollar stores getting a bag of 100 plus two shooters for just $1. If you find that same deal, do like I did, and buy as many bags as you can – but check to make sure the two shooters are in the bag. (You only need 13 marbles, but at least 2 shooters, to play.)

Those dollar store marbles are pretty plain, and it’s fun to have some neat marbles in your collection too. The BSA Scout Shop carries a neat assortment, as do stores like Greenfield News & Hobby or The Learning Shop, but expect to pay about $3-5 for a small bag with about 25 marbles in them. A best bet is going to American Science & Surplus where they have all kinds of great shooters for just $.35 each.