With Jamboree on the Trail now just a few weeks away, I started thinking about International Activities once again – one of my favorite topics – discussing brotherhood with all Scouts around the world. Got me to thinking a little about updating the resources on our International Activities page and adding some of the recent resources I’ve found or that have changed.

Our new Three Harbors Lighthouse is a great symbol for this. It’s a beacon to travelers, to help keep them safe and let them know they have friends here. We all find ourselves travelers from time to time – looking for friendly harbors and safe ports while we travel for vacation or business, or welcome others into our homes like exchange students or far away family who are coming to visit.

As we head into warmer weather and spring, this is a tremendous time to teach Cubs about what boys and girls their age are doing all around the world as they fill out those language electives, and learn about the Languages and Cultures beltloops.

With Earth Day around the corner, Boy Scouts can learn about how other Scouts and Rangers around the globe are helping to “think globally and act locally” while they too work on their Citizenship in the World merit badges.

What kinds of International Activities will YOU work on with your Scouts? Let me know in the comments, or on our Fox River District Facebook page!