I’ve been recently thinking about training new leaders. It’s a topic that comes up pretty often and the question gets asked, “How do you come up with these ideas?” Here’s a little glimpse into what went through my head this month. I will say that I had many other ideas as well, and the process took a couple of weeks from start to finish. Be patient, and it will come.

As I plan out this month’s Pack meeting I started thinking about this month’s character connection: Faith. I like to address Faith in February around Scout Sunday, so instead I looked to the summer connections, and July’s theme of Courage, that we rarely get to.

Courage would make a fine topic! But how can we make Courage a fun theme to talk about?

Our opening activity will deal with Dragons. My Boy Scout aged son helped me brainstorm a half dozen games we could play using dragons for a theme. This is going to be fun! We will make balloon dragons, do some jousting, and play Dragon Are You Sleeping? (Like Red Light, Green Light) to open our Pack meeting this month.

But what shall the Cubmaster speak about – in relation to Courage and Dragons? How about St. George, the Patron Saint of Scouting! His feast is celebrated on April 23rd each year.

And so, “Prepared and alert a Scout follows the lead, Of our Patron Saint George and his spirited steed.”

– Baden-Powell in “Scouting for Boys”