Looking for some great rides to help earn your Bicycling Merit Badge? Our Scouting friends from the Blackhawk Area Council are hosting a great tour of Western Wisconsin, and you can join in on June 9th! This would be a fantastic Patrol event.

This event is fun for all ages with activities for everyone. It’s a bike event based out of Monticello, WI. They have several different courses laid out in varying lengths. These provide just the right challenge for everyone from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and Venturing.

They have several camping locations for units to stay in. They’ll also be using the community to for our breakfasts and dinner meals. The community even has a pool for the boys to swim in, that they’ve agreed to let us use. Having the community so receptive really helps to make this event great!

They also have waypoints or rest stops along the trails. These are only available to registered Tour de Blackhawk participants. These rests will have water and some trail snacks.

In addition to just the bike trails, they also have some amazing activities for the afternoon around base camp. These activities teach important bike maintenance skills. Each station will also be part of a competition that the boys can choose to participate in. The boys will be able to go to all of the stations or just the ones they want, and their final score will be a total of all points they get at the stations. A prize will be awarded to the team with the highest score. The stations will have age appropriate skill challenges, so that the younger scouts can participate and the older boys can still be challenged.

They’re also planning on bringing in a live band for our evening entertainment. We’ve also heard about some trick riders they’re trying to get. In all, this event is shaping up to be a great time!

Contact the Blackhawk Area Council to let them know you’re coming!