Camping season is upon us, so we need to reflect on risks to our youth that are not necessarily a part of our outdoor classroom yet may be present when they gather. As pointed out in the American Camp Association’s recently published article entitled “Dangerous ‘Games’ Every Camp Must Know About” , our youth could be at risk to participating in unsafe games that are being highlighted on social media sites—they have been attracting youth in the age range we serve. Along with those listed in the article, the Guide to Safe Scouting also includes a listing of Unauthorized and Restricted Activities, including this: “Water chugging and related activities are not authorized for any program level.”

[Dan’s Note:] Make sure you check out the first link. I can think of many times Chubby Bunny has been played in camp, and I wasn’t at all aware of the Cinnamon Game which other than as a waste of Cinnamon, I probably wouldn’t have realized the danger. The article mis-names Bishop (named after the Android character in Aliens) as Mumblety Peg, which used to be a common Boy Scout game written about by Daniel Carter Beard. The game of Mumblety Peg still involves throwing a pocket knife – too risky for today’s BSA.