One of the most awesome things about being webmaster for this site is that I spend a fair amount of time looking for some of the coolest activities and opportunities for our Scouting youth. With the BSA’s new NOVA/STEM award program there are many options for looking at hands on Science – like this cool offering from the Adler Planetarium in Chicago working with the Far Horizons group.

The Far Horizons Boy Scout Experience will use high altitude balloons that fly above over 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere! Throughout the week, Boy Scouts will perform hands-on investigations to understand basic atmospheric science. They will use scientific instruments and work with astronomers to gather data for real space science research. This experience includes a daylong field trip in which the Scouts will launch, chase, and recover their balloon payloads that carried their instruments to the edge of space.

Far Horizons
2012 is dedicated to the memory of renowned Chicago adventurer and Eagle Scout Steve Fossett. Mr. Fossett held 115 world records or world firsts, as well as official World Records in five sports, before his death in 2007.