As a teen, I used to love role playing games. We played Dungeons and Dragons as well as a whole bunch of other games. Some were board games, some card games, some fantasy and some had themes like spies & espionage. Of course, we didn’t have the kind of video games that today’s kids do – we had to use our imaginations.

Role playing is still alive and well today Рand Games Workshop sponsors a very cool event called Games Day and Golden Demon 2012 which will be held in the greater Chicago area next weekend! Even cooler, Boy Scouts get a FREE PASS for admission Рthey can be picked up at the Milwaukee Service Center, or I have a few here at Waterford Union High School if anyone wants to pick them up! Part of the pass includes visiting several stations at the conference, and you can earn a free mini-figurine. And its a great way to get started on the Collecting Merit Badge too!