How are you going to celebrate the 14th year of Venturing?

On February 9, 1998, the BSA board voted to create a new teen scouting program. Then for the next six months the program was developed as we know it. On August 1, 1998, the program began by switching over the Explorers who had been registered in non-vocational crews.

However you decide to celebrate it, please make your profile picture one in Venturing greens, Sea Scout whites, or another crew uniform on Aug 1. You might want to post a Venturing picture or story on your Facebook profile too.

Also, invite a few more of your friends to the Central Region Group, our area group and our Three Harbors Council group.

Wouldn’t it be great to be over 7100 by Aug 1? We want you to celebrate Venturing wherever you are – camp, a Super Activity, at home.

If you have access to Facebook or other social networking sites (on Aug 1 or before you leave)…

  1. Make your profile picture one in Venturing greens or another crew uniform for Aug 1.
  2. Add your friends to the CR Venturing group, your Area Venturing group, and your council Venturing group. (Links are above!)
  3. Post a Venturing picture or story on our Facebook group sharing with everybody how you are celebrating the anniversary (do this on our wall, not on the event wall).