This Thursday, September 6, 2012, we will begin holding our Roundtables on the first Thursday night of each month for the new Scouting year at 7PM. Roundtable is held at Cross Lutheran Church on Hwy 11, just to the West of Burlington ~ it’s easy to get to from almost anywhere in our district.

In the past many units have elected to just send a representative to Roundtable – perhaps a Scoutmaster or Cubmaster, or maybe the Committee Chair. But Roundtable is open to all adults involved in the Scouting program. It’s an opportunity for training and an opportunity for fellowship as well. But we need your help to get to that point.

Please invite all of your leaders. Challenge them to attend at least 4 Roundtables this year – it’s what they need to earn their Knot for their position. Of course we would love to see them every month! Each time they come, we will get stronger and better. This will help your unit become stronger, the Fox River District to become stronger, and ultimately the Three Harbors Council to become stronger.

Help us grow our district. Every youngster deserves to be part of a great Scouting program!