A new company, Scout Revolution, is seeking to provide high quality thematic units to Scout Leaders to use while doing Merit Badge clinics. Teachers have purchased these kinds of materials for years – fun activities built around a theme or concept that help the students get more out of the lessons by giving the teacher new ideas on how to ramp things up a little bit.

One of their first offerings, just in time for Halloween, is the Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Preparedness plans. To get you hooked, they’re giving away plans for FREE for a limited time! In addition to the plans, you can purchase posters, patches, memory aids or a whole “instructor pack” of materials for a pretty reasonable price to get in the right state of mind. They’re preparing a second offering, a Special Forces version of the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. On Facebook, you can order Class B printed tee shirts with the Scout Revolution logo on it to help the company get started.

I give these guys a lot of credit for following a great idea, and I hope it works out for them! They’re going to do some cool stuff here!