Each year, at our District Dinner in February, the Fox River District recognizes exemplary leadership in our units and in our District.

In addition to the District Award of Merit, the highest award that a District can bestow upon its members, we give out a few other fun recognitions to say Thank You to those who make Scouting possible. Please take a look at the following descriptions, and consider nominating those in your Pack, Troop or Crew who meet the criteria. A review team will consider all applications, and we’ll celebrate at our District Dinner in February!

  • Lean On Me: Given to a registered leader in your unit, that you can call upon at the last minute, and they will come through.
  • Midas Touch: Given to a registered leader in your unit who seems to make good things happen when they get involved.
  • Silver Dollar: Given to a registered leader in your unit who has helped in a special way, or given an extra effort to help raise funds or resources for their unit, or for scouting in general.
  • Spark Plug: Given to a registered leader who has gone “above and beyond” the duties of his/her position in the unit for at least two years, and has contributed their time helping our district in at least two separate activities.

All nomination forms
must be received by Glen Bordak no later than Friday January 11, 2013 at Glen.Bordak@wfhc.org , or fax to 262-687-6699.

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