Do you know an adult who would make a great Religious Emblems Counselor? Maybe your Troop Chaplain? Or perhaps a parent in your Pack looking for a way to get involved, but without the time to take a senior leadership role? The Unit Religious Emblems Counselor training might be the perfect thing!

PRAY (Programs of Religious Activities with Youth) is hosting a series of webinars this week for those who wish to become new RECs. You can learn more about all of the programs offered through all of the churches (it does not matter which church you belong to – this training should cover all denominations and faiths in regards to helping youth find the program appropriate for themselves.)

The webinar will be a basic orientation for Religious Emblems Coordinators at the Unit level. Please consider who else might benefit from this webinar and forward this email for them to sign up.  The webinars are free and open to the first 100 participants. There are two dates scheduled for this topic, the first coming up Wednesday October 24th! Click the links below to sign up!