A real woodsman knows how to care for himself outdoors in the winter!

Believing that most of our Scouts would enjoy the challenge of rugged camping, we hope to stimulate such activity by means of these requirements of the FREEZE OUT award. This award is administered by the Mascoutens Lodge of the Order of the Arrow, in conjunction with the Three Harbors Council, BSA.

1. It is open to all registered Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers in a pack, troop, or crew of at least three people.

2. The award must be earned when the temperature is 32? Fahrenheit or below. .

3. Camping may be done at any camping area that has been approved by the camper’s unit committee and unit leader.

4. A Scout is thrifty. He should be careful in the use of food and equipment. He should practice conservation in the use of materials for making the shelter and building his fireplace for safe cooking and winter comfort.

5. Standards for pack, troop, and crew camping must be met.

6. Camping must be done under canvas/nylon or improvised shelters. No cabin or fixed shelter may be used.

7. The unit leader has the final decision that overnight temperatures were below freezing.