This is taken from a post on Bugle from contributor Bruce McCrea. I found it interesting thinking about all of the Scouting treasures, countless items treasured by young men over the last 100 years, that must be hiding away in attics and trunks. Sometimes, it’s not the shiniest object under the tree that have the greatest value. It may be Grandpa’s old bugle or his merit badge sash heavy with sentimental value that a young man would love for Christmas.

This week on [eBay], a 1927 King [instrument] catalog sold for $102.50. One page of the catalog shows the #1074 King bugle and the #1074B licensed Official Boy Scout bugle. They are identical except for the Boy Scout inscription. Each bugle was available in 5 different finishes. The cover, the bugle page, and the page describing the finishes [are attached below.] The 1927 prices and the 2012 inflation-adjusted equivalents are below.

  • Finish 1 – $6 = $79.39
  • Finish 2 – $15 = $198.47
  • Finish 3 – $20 = $264.62
  • Finish 4 – $30 = $396.93
  • Artist Special – $45 = $595.40

Do you think anyone actually bought bugles with the expensive finishes?