Tonight at our Pack meeting we took a moment to say a prayer for the victims of the recent shooting in CT. Two of the young men had just joined a Tiger Cub den, 3 others were siblings of Scouts, and Victoria Soto was an Explorer as a youth in an EMS Post.

I think it’s pretty easy to forget just how young our Tigers are and how quickly they grow. They bring so much enthusiasm, chaos and energy to our Pack meetings – always excited, wanting to share with their hands waving in the air and wide eyed with every magic trick or groaning at every joke – most of which go over their heads. (You’ll get that next year when you’re a Bear, buddy. Promise. ;)) It’s our Tigers sprinting across the field on our annual Easter Egg Hunt, singing songs as we march at camp, and enthusiastically clearing tables at the Lions Chicken BBQ. The Webelos have gotten “too big” for that!

I can’t imagine that Pack 170 will have a Pack meeting any time soon. Something like this can tear a Pack apart. My heart would be so very heavy without those little Tiger giggles to help lift it up every week.

But, we’re Scouts. And when the going gets tough – Boy Scouts rise to the occasion. Scouts pull together and help one another not just in the best of times, but when the help is needed the most and it is most difficult.

The Leaders of Pack 170 have asked the Connecticut Yankee Council to set up a Memorial Fund to support the five families of the younger children. May God give these people strength to be what they need to be in these trying times.

Consider sending cards and letters supporting these young men and their families by encouraging them. Ask everyone to chip in a dollar or two. You can’t imagine what a difference an outpouring of love and support from every Council, District and Unit across the country can do.

Tonight Pack 323 sent a small check with a lot of love back to our friends out East. We included a Three Harbors Council Strip and our Unit patch too. I hope other units do the same and Pack 170 can build a blanket with all of these patches to hang where they meet. It will be a testament to what a great thing it means to “be a Scout!” And it will forever bond us to Chase and Benjamin.

Address your cards and gifts to “Pack 170? c/o the Connecticut Yankee Council, P.O. Box 32, Milford, CT 06461.