We know that you are working on re-chartering your units as we are watching the progress in the online system. After you print out the paperwork from the online system and get the necessary signatures you can turn in the paperwork and payment at either Service Center. Whichever one that works best for you.

The target deadline was January 15th which of course not everyone made. So we are having a turn in on Monday January 21 at 7 pm at Culver’s in Burlington.

Please contact either Glen Bordak at email: Glen.Bordak@wfhc.org  call: (262) 687-6621 or Margaret Williams at  email: Margaret.Williams@Scouting.org  call: 414-443-2864 and let them know that you are coming to culver’s so we know if we need additional people to help accept the re-charters.

Glen Bordak, Jeremy Laffin and Margaret Williams will make special arrangements to pick them up from units that are unable to get into the either service center or to the turn in night at Culver’s but you have to contact us to make those arrangements.

Time is running out to get them turn in on time, so don’t delay, act now!