Are you a Committee Member or Commissioner looking for a way to help your adult volunteers better understand what the BSA’s current program is all about? Are you a Trainer, wondering how to put your own years of experience into today’s trainings and policies, which have changed greatly over the years?

The BSA’s National Advancement Team has put together a series of narrated Powerpoint slides in short video presentation format that you can use as part of your Committee’s Annual Planning Process. These presentations help our volunteers better understand complicated issues like how to evaluate Scout Spirit or what it means to Actively Participate when sitting on a Board of Review. For example, have you ever denied a Scout a Board of Review? Does your Scoutmaster expect Scouts to ask for a Board of Review? Do you know who sits on a Board of Review? Do Scouts believe they can fail a Board of Review because they are being tested on Scout Skills signed off in their Handbook? Do Scouts in your unit look forward to their Boards? Can you ask a Scout who is not advancing to participate in a Board of Review?

You may choose to download the slides and scripts to present them yourself, or use the nicely produced videos the BSA has provided for us.