How can you possibly resist the call of the Frozen Tundra? Sure – Football season may still be MONTHS away, but there is a hole in you that just needs to be filled NOW!

Get special BEHIND THE SCENES access for all Scouts to see the Visiting Team Locker Room, the Press Box, a Gameday Suite, run up the Players’ Tunnel and tour the Green Bay Packer’s Hall of Fame! Heck, my buddy Casey Ausloos will even throw a couple of brats on the grill for you if you’d like! Oh yeah! ‘Cause he’s really cool like that!

Make plans now to head North my friends – April 14th is the date. You’re not going to want to miss this!

Want an even more private and intimate tour? Your Pack, Troop or Crew can sleep overnight in the Hall of Fame. Just ask Casey for details!