The Boy Scouts of America is just a part of a larger movement of youth all around the world. Together, we represent the WOSM, or the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Throughout the year there are several very special celebrations of World Scouting – you may have heard of JOTA/JOTI or the Jamboree on the Trail held each fall or spring, respectively. We share in the celebration of our Eagle Scouts joining the Association of Top Achieving Scouts worldwide as well.

Being part of this worldwide movement is an amazing thing. In fact, according to Wikipedia’s article on World Scouting, in 2011 there were over 41 MILLION members of Scouting and Guiding worldwide!

In 2007, as part of the Centennial of Scouting celebration of Lord Baden-Powel’s founding of the first Troop, the Austrian Scout Association declared August 1st “National Scout Scarf Day” and asked all of its youth and adult members to wear their Scouting scarves in public. Many prominent business and government leaders traded in their normal neckties that day and did exactly that – and from that call a new International tradition has grown.

There are many pages online and across Facebook as this amazing show of support continues to grow. Will you consider joining us on August 1st 2013 in showing your support for Scouting by wearing your Scout scarf or neckerchief in public?