“They’re Coming… Are you?”

As we begin to gear up for another year of scouting I wanted to touch base with everyone to find out what troops and webelos 2 dens will be attending the Zombie Apocalypse Camporee on October 11th to 13th at camp OhDaKoTa. I don’t need numbers as of yet we will get to that in short order, what I need is commitment from your units to attend this year so we can begin planning this event. You can drop me an email or see me this Thursday for our year kickoff at Cross Lutheran church at 7:00 pm. Either way, a Yes or No from you would be great right now.


I would really like to make this an over the top event for the boys so I’m looking for assistance in planning and running this from both the adults and scouts in your unit or district members at large.


Like many of you over the next 9 weeks I have 6 campouts and countless meetings to attend so your help is much appreciated and needed to help keep these events going for years to come. Please consider forwarding this on to others in your unit and getting the boys onboard early.


We need a

1. Co-chair for the event.

2. Someone to head up the Kitchen

3. Support staff for the kitchen

4. Scouts and adults to run stations

5. Range masters for shooting sports.

6. Aspiring Make-up artist to help prep the zombies

7. Plenty of Zombies to bring this all together. 



Ken Penge