Re-Charter is not until January for Fox River – in fact you cannot access the online re-charter until December 1st. However, you can still make your plan and make sure your house is in order so that this process is smooth and painless.

In light of our motto “Be Prepared”! Please visit the newly reconfigured, retooled, and re-imagined RECHARTER page on the Council website.

The Link is:

This webpage has contact information, a link to the online portal, and training resources for you to peruse, as well as some helpful hints identified as the most confusing or unknown stumbling blocks from last year. The PowerPoint document can serve as a training tool for Commissioners or a must read for those completing the re-charter for their Units. But wait there’s more! There is also an outline to be used as a guide to give trainings or a quick reference when you are in the heat of paperwork.

Re-charter Packets will be available at November’s Roundtable and then through the Racine office. If you would like to pick up at the Milwaukee office let Margaret know and she will bring those units re-charters to the Milwaukee office after Roundtable.

Thank you for all that you do and will do for Scouting and please let us know how we can help you!