In Scouting, we like to recognize leadership. After all, we are a volunteer organization and to make everything come together and work we need hard working and dedicated volunteers. It’s time to stop and say thank you for all that they do.

It is impossible to recognize someone if they are not nominated. So the first step is to have YOU nominate those who deserve these recognitions.

The highest recognition that a district can bestow is the District Award of Merit. Nominees have rendered noteworthy service to youth in or out of Scouting often across the district. This award is very limited – the Fox River District can only award two of these each year.

Fox River District also awards 4 additional recognitions each year: Lean on Me, Midas Touch, Silver Dollar and the Spark Plug Awards. These awards are used to recognize significant contributions to helping keep Scouting going in the local unit or in the district, and are quite appropriate for helping recognize not just direct contact leaders but also committee members and organization representatives who go above and beyond.

Please consider downloading the nomination forms at the links above, and telling us about those you feel are most deserving of these recognitions at our District Dinner in February.