“The Wildland Firefighter Foundation honors past, present, and future members of wildland firefighting through management of the wildland firefighter monument in Boise Idaho; operation of the firefighters and family assistance fund; supporting programs for wildland firefighters’ health and safety; and to help educate the public about wildland fires, the kind of work done by wildland firefighters, and the risks they take.”

I got interested in the Wildland Firefighter Foundation when a commercial email came from Coleman, offering a discount on a pretty cool little cooler, with a fire logo on the side. Yeah, they only donate a dollar from each cooler, and the sale price is only 10% off – but the real thing here is that they’re doing SOMETHING for this very cool organization, and certainly raising awareness of it. And I’m happy to do my part to spread that kind of positive viral message.

And for all of our firefighting friends out there, stay safe. Everyone Goes Home.

Click the WFF link above, or the picture ad below, for more information.