Hello Fox River District Units

As many of your units gear up for yet another wonderful year of scouting I wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming Fall Camporee at Camp Ohdakota September 26th to 28th. This camporee normally held in October has been bumped up to allow greater participation by all units and provide some separation between school home comings, devils lake hike and the haunted hay ride. I’m hoping many more can join us this year. Flyers will be out next week at roundtable for our kickoff but please provide your units with the information ASAP prior to your unit’s annual planning conferences.

Our Camporee Title this year is “Search and Destroy” and is a mix of Military style missions and some fun team building games. As many of you know I design these camporees with plenty of stations and will need a lot of assistance in running this event both from adults and older scouts looking to make sure everyone has a great time. So far I have 15 stations planned but have room to add another 4 more if needed. I’ll share some names with you as a teaser for the boys when you present this. Evade and Locate, Stealth Entry, Hog Tie, MIA, Common sense, The great escape, Life Line, Seek and Disarm, & Jeepers Creepers to name a few. 

To make this all happen I’m looking for about 40 volunteers to help run stations and assist with meals. I’m also looking for volunteers or anyone that has Military Camo uniforms, Ghillie suits or tactical gear to wear at stations for a greater experience for the scouts. Please send me an email with how many from your unit can assist and I’ll start filling you in on the missions you’ll have so you can begin working on a really great plan to deliver them. I have found that knowing well in advance on what your doing greatly improved the missions and the experience the boys have.  Remember it’s you that makes these camporees a success. I would like to have all stations assigned no later than September 13th

Pack leaders: Please make sure you let your Webelos scouts know this is open to both Webelos 1 and 2 scouts as well. They may camp with a troop of their choosing or if you have the tents and cooking gear and Baloo trained leaders you may camp as your own unit for the weekend or just come out early Saturday and stay the whole day. 

Cost is $15.00 per youth, $8.00 per leader and includes lunch on Saturday and a patch. Cracker barrel on Friday night and Dinner and Breakfast on Saturday are to be provided at your campsite by your unit using the patrol method and I recommend charging your boys no more than $10.00 per person for those meals you provide.

Any questions, comments or concerns please let me know.

See you all at Roundtable