We hope you’re enjoying the new Newsletter format!

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In an effort to keep improving the Fox River District website, and making this an ever better resource, we’re going to have a little picture contest!

Send me one or two pictures of your Scouts in action, and I’ll feature a different one at the top of the newsletter each month! Capture the fun of what it means to be in Scouting, and we’ll share your great shots with all of our subscribers! Don’t forget to tell me who is in the picture and get their permission.

Permission is granted annually on the Health & Medical form for promotional use unless the Scouting family opts out. It is the submitter’s responsibility to check with those who appear in the photo to make sure they do not object.

I’ll change the photo out around the beginning of each month. Let’s have a little FUN with this!

Since its November, try to submit some great fall pictures, perhaps something to get us in the mood for Thanksgiving! I’ll take your photos up until Halloween eve!

Please keep your submissions to UNDER 10Mb, please, and email them to Dan@FoxRiverBSA.org!