This weekend is the Scouting Heritage Museum’s 36th Annual Trade-O-Ree. It’s FREE to attend and you’ll learn a TON about Scouting history through thousands of Scouting memorabilia items and artifacts on display.

Trading patches is fun and practiced by many Scouts and Scouters at gatherings like Jamborees, NOAC and regional Trade-O-Rees like this one! It doesn’t have to be expensive to get started, and its definitely lots of fun to look and learn about all of the cool events and patches that came before. This weekend will be a good time to pick up cool patches from Milwaukee and Southeast, and maybe some old Racine and Kenosha stuff too!

Doors open at 9AM and the event runs to 3PM on Saturday November 1st, 2014.

We’ll be downstairs at the Milwaukee Service Center, 330 South 84th Street, Milwaukee WI 53214.

To avoid 84th Street construction we have a back entrance to the parking lot which you can access off of Bluemound Rd. via Honey Creek Parkway to Dixon St.