Attention Merit Badge Counselors and Unit Leaders:

The Boy Scouts of America announces a new information resource entitled “Counselor’s Compass.” This publication, to be issued as an e-newsletter, will support merit badge counselors in four ways:

  1. Things to do. What new counselors should do prior to counseling a merit badge, such as become familiar with Guide to Advancement and the educational presentation, Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling, available under “Advancement Educational Presentations” at
  2. Steps for Success. Tips that can be helpful for both new and experienced counselors as they work with Scouts, such as the importance of using the latest pamphlet and requirements.
  3. Glad You Asked. Articles that address commonly asked questions sent to
  4. News You Can Use. Merit badge fun facts, and information on new badges.

Subscribing to Counselor’s Compass is similar to subscribing to Advancement News: Send a message to, with “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject line. Indicate your name, email address, and council in the message text.

Cooking Merit Badge: The Clock Is Ticking

Scouts beginning work on the Cooking merit badge on or after January 1, 2015 must use the new requirements introduced in late 2013. Any Scout who began work on the Cooking merit badge prior to January 1 using the old requirements may continue to use those requirements until he finishes the badge. For questions, see Guide to Advancement, topic, “What To Do When Requirements Change.”

Last Chance to Earn the Computers Merit Badge!

Time runs out at the end of December with the classic Computers Merit Badge, which is being replaced by several new variations on Digital Technologies. Earn it while you still have time!

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