Recently, Bryan on Scouting published a blog post about Forest Whitcraft and his essay that is often misattributed to “Anonymous.” In reality, he was not anonymous at all, but a very active and dedicated Scouter.

Whitcraft was even the Managing Editor of Scouting Magazine from 1951 to 1958 – that in itself is pretty cool.

But as I dug around to find some more information about this man I found out that he was actually born here in Wisconsin, August 24th, 1894. I’m not sure how he got involved in Scouting – he would have probably been just a little bit too old to have been a Scout himself by the time the BSA was realizing its’ birth in 1910. But by the 1930s he was actively involved teaching National Camp School and Scoutmastership. He went on to become a Scout Executive in the 1940s, and of course Managing Editor of Scouting by the 1950s.

He passed away in 1967 – then known as Dr. Witcraft and having touched the lives of millions of children both through his work in Scouting, but also his dedication to teaching and theology.

Pretty cool for being “anonymous,” don’t you think?

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