You’re probably aware by now that the BSA is revamping all of its programs. Changes to the Boy Scout program are on the horizon for next year, many Cub Scout changes start taking place this year, and changes to Venturing have already taken place.

For those of us already invested in Scouting, it can be tricky trying to navigate the information presented to know if we’re delivering a quality program. That’s why it is always really helpful when BSA releases training materials for us to use in our own units!

Hot off the presses is the BSA’s new “Mentoring for Venturing Crews Facilitator Guide.”

“This training is designed to help Venturers understand how to mentor other members of the crew and appreciate the role mentoring plays in personal growth and leadership for both the mentee and mentor. After completing this training, an experienced Venturer will be able to successfully mentor a less-experienced Venturer through the planning and execution of a crew adventure.”