Pictured left to right—James Cairo, Debi Jacob and Rick Seeger. Your Committee Chairman is Frederick (Rick) Seeger

Your Membership Committee Team Members are:

The District Membership Committee responsibilities have been split into three sections. Each section will have a team member that will help your unit attract new members and retain your present members. We will be contacting all Units in the District and work with you on Membership and retention. Our goal is to build the District Membership as well as helping all Units achieve Gold on their membership and retention JTE Standard!

Please lend us your support!

Units in North Fox River District:

Packs: 306, 310, 324, 372, and 1332 Troops: 300, 324, 332, and 372 Crews: 324

Units in Central Fox River District:

Packs: 330, 334, 335, 350, 369, and 373 Troops: 303, 310, 334, 336, and 1350 Crews: 1385 and 3272

Units in South Fox River District:

Packs 328, 329, 343, 353, 381, and 385 Troops: 328, 329, 380, 381 and 385 Crews: 329 and 1328

Rick and his team will contact all Cub masters and Scoutmasters and Crew Advisors. If you have a designated Membership Chairperson on your committee, or a person responsible for membership, please share with us that individuals contact information and the Membership Team will work with them. If not, we will work with you directly. Any questions can be directed to your unit District Membership Team Member.