“Bible Basics RP3” is a new patch series from P.R.A.Y. It is designed to help families, Sunday school classes, and scouting groups GET INTO THE BIBLE. Scouts earning these patches may wear them on brag vests or on non-uniform clothing.

Bible Basics RP3 will guide youth to Read the Bible. Youth will be challenged to visualize or Picture the passage, then Ponder its meaning, and finally Put it into action.

P.R.A.Y. is launching this series with three patches: The Good Book, Out of the Water, and Birds of the Air. The Good Book patch focuses on getting to know the Bible and why it is important to read it. It is considered the anchor patch and the first patch that should be earned. After that, the patches may be earned in any order.

Bible Basics RP3 is a series for all ages (school age and up). Each patch includes questions for younger children, older youth, and adults. It is designed to be done in a family or group setting with all participants (including parents and leaders) earning the patch.

These patches are separate from the P.R.A.Y. awards and do not have the same strict guidelines as God and Me, God and Family, God and Church and God and Life. The patches are shorter programs, can be earned by all ages, and do not require workbooks or an application/review process by clergy. These guidelines make the new patch series ideal for weekend campouts and retreats.

Visit www.praypub.org/biblebasics to download the FREE Bible Basics RP3 curriculum and to find out how to order patches and pins.

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