The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay is one of the oldest sites in the United States dedicated to preserving and interpreting our nation’s railroad history.

The railroads had a ton of impact on how our country grew. It helped determine what communities thrived, and which ones withered. The concept of “standard time” was invented by the railroads to help smooth out train operations as they passed from community to community down the line. The railroads were also responsible for the creation and propagation of a lot of technology, including the telegraph and modern traffic signals.

Your pack or troop can spend the overnight at the National Railroad Museum living the life of a HoBo – creating their own Hoover Shack, eating HoBo stew, exploring the museum and learning about both the life of HoBos and the rich history of the railroads.

All this for the price of just $35 per participant, and if you make a 1 hour service project to the museum part of your trip, they will even drop the price to just $25! It’s a great winter outing for your unit!

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