Thanks to Cory Hess for the submission!

What Do These Presidents Have In Common?

They were all involved in scouting when they were growing up:

  • President Gerald Ford was an Eagle Scout!
  • President John F. Kennedy was a Star Scout.
  • President Bill Clinton and
  • President George W. Bush were Cub Scouts.
  • President Barack Obama was a Gerakan Pramuka, which is the Indonesian Scout Association equivalent to a Cub Scout.

But they weren’t alone. In fact, in total 8 US Presidents were Scouts at one point!

President Jimmy Carter served as Scoutmaster. President Ronald Reagan got involved as an adult as well, and even earned the Silver Beaver before he ran for President.

As we celebrate Presidents Day let’s take a look back at all the great Scouts that came before us. Will your picture be the next one added to this list? Where will scouting take you?