Missed a handout at Roundtable? Lost an event on the website? Need a printable copy because you can’t copy colored paper? Here are the most current flyers to be posted!

Each month the Cub Scout side has a Pack Meeting Helps file that is handed out to help with Pack meeting planning. You can find PDF files to help you run every Pack meeting tied to one of the 12 Core Values of Cub Scouts, as well as a fun Monthly Theme at Scouting.org. Additional activities and ideas can be found in the Roundtable Guide.

Flyers pertaining to any Scout event regardless of location are welcome if they are of interest to Scouts in the Fox River District and are presented here as a service to help increase awareness. However flyers pertaining to events that are hosted or sanctioned officially by the Three Harbors Council or any of its Districts must additionally meet image & content guidelines as well as approval by our District Director.

Category Posted Description Event Date
ALL 8/2015 2015-2016 Council Calendar 2015-2016
ALL 9/2014 American Automobile Association ongoing
V 9/2014 Venturing RT Information 2014-2015
Unit 1/2014  Insurance Coverage Summary 2013+
 BS 10/2013  NESA Honor Patrol  ongoing
 ALL 9/2013  Little Switzerland Group Rates ongoing
ALL 2012  Freeze Out Award  Ongoing
ALL 2012  Friends of Scouting Goal Card info  Ongoing
Category Posted Description Event Date