Haunted Hayride

It’s that time of the year again where the ghosts and the ghouls come out to play! Invite your friends, family and neighbors to come out to OhDaKoTa either October 17th, 18th or 24th, 25th.

Hayrides run from 7:00 to 9:00PM (get there a little early if possible) and tour the Haunted Camp where the spirits of lost Boy Scouts still roam at night. It’s spooky fun, and there are sweet treats in the Dining Hall for you to enjoy too!

It’s just $7 per person at the door, and patches are available for $2. Proceeds go toward our camping program.

You can find a flyer here.

Fall 2014 Voice of the Scout Surveys

This month many Scouts, parents, volunteers, and chartered organizations will receive the fall edition of the BSA’s twice-yearly Voice of the Scout (VOS) survey.

Launched in 2012, VOS is designed to measure the value of Scouting in the community and help us deliver experiences that surpass the expectations of our members.

Loyalty is measured using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) approach. NPS is calculated from the answers to one deceptively simple question – would you, our customer, recommend Scouting to friends, family or anyone else. The score is generally broken down like this:

•    9 to 10 = promoters: Customers who like your brand and service and will most likely choose it again

•    7 to 8 = passives: Consumers who are satisfied with what you provide but not overly enthusiastic

•    0 to 6 = detractors: Consumers who had a poor or substandard experience with your product and who are unlikely to use it again or recommend it to their friends.

And if there is any reason you wouldn’t rate us a 9 or 10, please contact Margaret so that we may address your concern.

The Voice of the Scout process is most valuable when we receive a high level of responses. Without the participation of the Scouts, parents, and volunteers from our area, we won’t get the insight we need to deliver more compelling and effective programs.

For the fall 2014 release (October 7-22), those units where the responses from Cub Scout parents, Boy Scouts/Venturers, or Boy Scout parents total more than 50 percent of the unit’s youth membership will be entered into a drawing to win $500, with a total of 27 awards nationwide.

Voice of the Scout is how we will help guide our decision-making for our future programs and operational delivery. Please take a few minutes of your time to participate and encourage other members of your unit to do the same.


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OA: The Centurion Award

As we move into the Centennial year of the Order of the Arrow we’re looking to celebrate our heritage. One way the OA is planning to do this is through the Centurion Award.

This recognition is looking for current or former Arrowmen who are “exemplars of the high ideas and purpose of the Order of the Arrow.” It is similar to the BSA’s “Hall of Leadership” in 2010 for the BSA’s Centennial Celebration. It can also be awarded posthumously.

Nominations are limited to 1 in 100 currently registered Lodge members, so selection for this award is quite an honor.

Keep an eye out through the Kanwa tho Lodge for more information on the nomination process!

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Lake Geneva Canopy Tours Offer Programs for Scouts

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours offers quality programmatic experiences centered on the Boy Scout Leadership Experience. Our Eco-Adventures offer a multitude of opportunities to build character & develop personal fitness in keeping with the goals of the Boy Scout organization.

Scouts can complete some of the requirements for specific awards through hiking & mountain biking on our almost 9 miles of Arbor Trails.

Team Building programs provide a combination of educational & recreational initiatives which challenge participants to work together toward a common goal. The 2 hour High Ropes Excursion offers 16 different obstacles of various difficulties to allow participants to push their limits, conquer fears & build self-confidence.

As a Certified Travel Green Wisconsin destination, our Eco Adventures educate on environmental protection & sustainability. Guides discuss specific ways in which we work hard to protect all aspects of the land, trees, water & wildlife throughout the Canopy Tour. The 2.5 hour Canopy Tour is our most thrilling Eco Adventure as participants soar through the trees on 8 different zip lines, 5 sky bridges, 3 spiral stairways and a one-of-a-kind “floating” double helix stairway which wraps around a breathtaking ash tree. The 1,200 foot Dual Racing Zip Line is the grand finale, weather permitting.

Additional amenities include a picnic area, grill, bag game, horseshoes and lunch options, upon request.

For additional information on Lake Geneva Canopy Tours Eco Adventures visit our website at www.LakeGenevaCanopyTours.com.

To book your next Scout Troop Adventure contact Kathryn Denbow at 312-461-1088 or email kathrynd@LakeGenevaCanopyTours.net.

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Air One Landing at camp Oh Da Ko Ta for Rise of Cobra Camporee

Air one Landing for ” The Rise of Cobra” Fall Camporee.

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