Oscar de la Renta

Few of us know the evolution of the Scout uniform from its inception to its current design. One such innovator to the Boy Scout uniform’s evolution has passed away last night. Whether you like the design or rather it go back to its original image… all it takes it one person with the dedication to make the BSA better.

Many thanks to Mr. Oscar de la Renta for his dedication to the reimagining of the Boy Scout Uniform. The most complete overhaul of the Boy Scout uniform in nearly 60 years occurred in 1980. Oscar de la Renta donated his services for a two-year project of remaking all uniforms, for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Explorers, and both men and women adult Scouters.

Gone were most vestiges of military flavor. Boy Scouts wore khaki (tan) short- or long-sleeved shirts with red-ribboned epaulets (to designate the Boy Scouting program). Shorts and trousers were olive (green) and had voluminous utility pockets.

Whether to include a neckerchief was a decision left up to each troop. Troops could also choose to wear either the new baseball-style cap, a red beret (introduced in 1972), or the classic “Smokey Bear” campaign hat.

The new design—which continues to be the official Scout uniform—was a far cry from the doughboy duds of the BSA’s beginnings.

Oscar de la Renta passed away last evening, he was 82. Rest in Peace and thank you for you dedication to the Boys Scouts of America.

Óscar Arístides de la Renta Fiallo(July 22, 1932 – October 20, 2014).

Written by James A. Di Nola, Facebook

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Five Star – Save the Date

5-Star University provides focused, dedicated, high level courses for ALL Commissioners and scouting volunteers seeking to learn more about commissioning in Scouting. The day is filled with supplemental/advanced training opportunities for all district and council level work. This year we have several new courses that represent the most up to date training and program information that can be found, all in an active and friendly atmosphere. Participants will be given the opportunity to earn various degrees (bachelors, masters, doctoral) or just participate for the day.

FVTC – Main Appleton Campus
1825 N. Bluemound Drive
Appleton, WI 54912-2277

Saturday, January 17, 2015.

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Meet Your Commissioner Staff

Do you know what a Commissioner does? Do you ever have questions about how to do something like motivate Scouts or deal with a difficult parent? That’s where your Unit Commissioner staff comes in!

These volunteers are here to support you and your unit so you can concentrate on the important stuff – the boys!

You can find an updated listing of all of our Unit Commissioners on the Program & Committees tab under Commissioners!

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Haunted Hayride

It’s that time of the year again where the ghosts and the ghouls come out to play! Invite your friends, family and neighbors to come out to OhDaKoTa either October 17th, 18th or 24th, 25th.

Hayrides run from 7:00 to 9:00PM (get there a little early if possible) and tour the Haunted Camp where the spirits of lost Boy Scouts still roam at night. It’s spooky fun, and there are sweet treats in the Dining Hall for you to enjoy too!

It’s just $7 per person at the door, and patches are available for $2. Proceeds go toward our camping program.

You can find a flyer here.

Fall 2014 Voice of the Scout Surveys

This month many Scouts, parents, volunteers, and chartered organizations will receive the fall edition of the BSA’s twice-yearly Voice of the Scout (VOS) survey.

Launched in 2012, VOS is designed to measure the value of Scouting in the community and help us deliver experiences that surpass the expectations of our members.

Loyalty is measured using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) approach. NPS is calculated from the answers to one deceptively simple question – would you, our customer, recommend Scouting to friends, family or anyone else. The score is generally broken down like this:

•    9 to 10 = promoters: Customers who like your brand and service and will most likely choose it again

•    7 to 8 = passives: Consumers who are satisfied with what you provide but not overly enthusiastic

•    0 to 6 = detractors: Consumers who had a poor or substandard experience with your product and who are unlikely to use it again or recommend it to their friends.

And if there is any reason you wouldn’t rate us a 9 or 10, please contact Margaret so that we may address your concern.

The Voice of the Scout process is most valuable when we receive a high level of responses. Without the participation of the Scouts, parents, and volunteers from our area, we won’t get the insight we need to deliver more compelling and effective programs.

For the fall 2014 release (October 7-22), those units where the responses from Cub Scout parents, Boy Scouts/Venturers, or Boy Scout parents total more than 50 percent of the unit’s youth membership will be entered into a drawing to win $500, with a total of 27 awards nationwide.

Voice of the Scout is how we will help guide our decision-making for our future programs and operational delivery. Please take a few minutes of your time to participate and encourage other members of your unit to do the same.


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