Camp Patch Set Fundraiser

Let’s face it – we love patches. Anyone who has been to Jamboree knows the fury created by Scouts having to find the “perfect” patch set. Patches commemorate experiences, people we’ve met, places we’ve been, dreams we have – and darnnit – sometimes they’re just really cool works of art!

This patch set is all of that – rainy nights huddled under the dining fly, Cub Scouts storming the Castle, bonfires that melted the bag the marshmallows came in and young Scouts running up and down the muddy lane breaking in their Scoutmaster’s shoes.

How cool would these look framed on the wall where your Scouts meet?

Download the order form today!

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Nominate Three Harbors Council Please!

Do you use Facebook? Can you spare a minute or two to help us out?

Please nominate Three Harbors Council Boy Scouts of America to be entered into a contest to potentially earn $10,000 from Sentry Insurance. Only the top 5 charities that receive votes will get to go on to the next stage of the contest – and one of those will win $10,000!

We could really use your help! Please visit and fill out the form on that page just like you see here. You’ll need to put your own name, phone and email address at the bottom of the form.

Thanks for helping!

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Recognizing Leadership

In Scouting, we like to recognize leadership. After all, we are a volunteer organization and to make everything come together and work we need hard working and dedicated volunteers. It’s time to stop and say thank you for all that they do.

It is impossible to recognize someone if they are not nominated. So the first step is to have YOU nominate those who deserve these recognitions.

The highest recognition that a district can bestow is the District Award of Merit. Nominees have rendered noteworthy service to youth in or out of Scouting often across the district. This award is very limited – the Fox River District can only award two of these each year.

Fox River District also awards 4 additional recognitions each year: Lean on Me, Midas Touch, Silver Dollar and the Spark Plug Awards. These awards are used to recognize significant contributions to helping keep Scouting going in the local unit or in the district, and are quite appropriate for helping recognize not just direct contact leaders but also committee members and organization representatives who go above and beyond.

Please consider downloading the nomination forms at the links above, and telling us about those you feel are most deserving of these recognitions at our District Dinner in February.

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Life to Eagle Training

Life Scouts beginning work on Eagle should plan to attend Life to Eagle training on Wednesday November 20th: printable flyer

Scouting is a great organization; the greatest of all youth accomplishments is the rank of Eagle Scout. The rank is not one that is easily achieved and only about 4% of all Scouts ever achieve this prestigious award. The reason that so few are awarded the Eagle Scout Award is because of the challenging nature of the award. The Three Harbors Council has a chance for you to have a better understanding the award, its requirements and the Eagle Scout Workbook so that you can BE an Eagle Scout. You (and your parents) are invited to attend this Life to Eagle Training.


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5 Star University

This outstanding training event is organized and staffed through the combined efforts of four councils. This multi-council format provides a wide range of experiences and draws on the special expertise of experienced Scouters in the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing programs.

5-Star University provides focused, dedicated, high level courses for ALL Commissioners and ALL District and Council Program volunteers. The day is filled with supplemental and advanced training opportunities for all district and council level work. This year we have several new courses that represent the most up to date training and program information that can be found, all in an active and friendly atmosphere. Participants will be given the opportunity to earn various degrees (bachelors, masters, doctoral) or just participate for the day.

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