BSA Insurance

One of the most frequently asked questions at roundtable tends to be about insurance ~ who carries it and what it covers.

It’s hard to search on the web for this information because it is very likely that different councils may have different coverages or plans.

My own units are encountering an increasing number of destinations who are asking us what our insurance coverage is before we even leave home, so I recently had the opportunity to pull out and digitize the information that was provided to all unit leaders during last year’s rechartering process. I’m posting it to the website to make it easier for units that need to get a digital copy for outings, or because they have questions, to be able to find that information.

Please note that this information is subject to potential change and annual renewal; please direct questions to Robert Garrett at the Milwaukee Service Center.

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Trainers EDGE

The Trainer’s EDGE replaces the Trainer Development Conference (BSA 500) as the required train?the?trainer course for Wood Badge and NYLT staffs. The purpose of the Trainer’s EDGE course is to provide and help develop the platform skills of a trainer. It is meant to supplement the practice offered through Wood Badge and NYLT staff development, with a focus on the participant, while raising the level of skill a trainer brings to the staff experience. Only practice can polish these skills, but this course is intended to “train the trainer” on behaviors and resources while offering hands?on experience in methods and media.

Even if you’re not on Wood Badge or NYLT staff, you are invited to take part in Trainer’s EDGE on January 18th, 2014. It is appropriate for Roundtable Commissioners, Camp Staff, Council Training Volunteers and Unit Trainers as well. Both youth and adults are welcome to attend.

Early bird signups end January 10th – the course is just $10, and includes a pizza lunch! (What a DEAL!) This is a GREAT opportunity, so don’t miss it!

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Program Updates

Keeping everyone up to date is hard.

Three Harbors Council is trying something new – asking for units to help update the council’s records with current email addresses of leaders and interested parties in your unit. These lists will ONLY be used to send out e-Newsletters for all Scouts, and will not be shared with other groups or organizations.

Please help us deliver the best program we can to all of the Scouts in our Council! Please update your Pack or Troop and Crew records along with your recharter paperwork today!

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Klondike Early Bird Approaching

Early bird registration for the Fox River District Klondike ends on Friday January 3rd, 2014. After that point registration goes up by $2, so beat the increase and mail your registration TODAY!

This year’s Klondike is going to be ALL NEW with a return to the origins of the Klondike Derby, with a new planning staff as well helmed by Mike Davenport. It’s going to be a great time for all Scouts to show off their skills like Fire Building, First Aid, Pioneering and Lashings and Orienteering, as well as a bunch of other fun events.

Grab the Leaders Guide, the Equipment List and finally don’t forget to REGISTER!

This year’s Klondike is January 25th with registration at 7:30AM starting a Camp OhDaKoTa.

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Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader

Are the adults in your Pack “trained” for their positions? Leaders must receive training for Tiger, Cub Scout, Webelos, Committee and Cubmaster positions, meaning they may have to take a refresher course every other year or so.

Two local and in-person opportunities are fast approaching – Saturday January 25th at River Bend Nature Center in Racine, and Saturday February 8th at Cross Lutheran Church in Burlington.

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