The purpose of this committee is to promote the brotherhood of Scouting around the world, and help Scouts and their families become more aware of opportunities for growth as they take their own place as global citizens! Here are some great places to get started with your own International Activities for your Pack, Troop or Crew!

A great Cub Scout project is to learn more about different Scouts of their rank around the world. For example, the youngest Cubs in Canada are called Beavers, while in Australia they are called Joeys. Wolf Scouts in Mexico are known as Lobos. It’s a fun project to find other Scouts around the world, and then Skype with your den.

Similarly, while boys in the US strive to become an Eagle Scout, did you know that Korean Scouts work hard to become Tigers? ATAS595 has some great information related to the pinnacle of Scouting in many countries around the world.

Each Scout Association generally publishes their own magazine. Here in the US we have Boys Life and Scouting magazines. But check out these links from other associations!

Are you and your family planning to take a trip overseas our outside of the US? If so, consider applying for the BSA’s International Letter of Introduction. It is free, and takes about 3 weeks to order. On it you state your travel dates, and where you are traveling to.

The International Division of the BSA will send you back a passport sized certificate and an information sheet on Scouting programs in the countries you are traveling to. The certificate does not convey any special rights upon you or provide a guarantee of hospitality, but it does identify you as a representative of the Boy Scouts of America and serve as a wonderful memento of your trip! These certificates are suitable for framing, and you should get one every year!

Scouts with Catholic backgrounds may choose to participate in the International Awareness Recognition program from the National Catholic Committee on Scouting. It’s a great way to keep your Scouts who have earned their Religious Knot coming back and active with the “A Scout is Reverent” portion of your program.

Adults may want to work on earning the International Scouter Square Knot. This is a great knot to earn because it helps spread so much awareness while doing it.

Organize a donation to the World Friendship Fund. This could be a program similar to the Tsunami Aid patch programs in both 2011 and 2012.  In April 2012 I noticed Steve had updated patches that said “Three Harbors Council” instead of “Southeast” available for donation.