The Three Harbors Council has developed a NESA Honor Patrol.

logo[1]NESA stands for The National Eagle Scout Association. This group was founded in May of 1972, but let me further add that this was a merger with The National Chapter of the Knights of Dunamis. This organization began in 1925 with 10 Eagle Scouts to form an association that would retain the dignity of the Eagle Scout Award and provide a base for continuing leadership in the scouting movement. As noble as that was, their principle goal was service and that is what The Three Harbors NESA Committee is focused on today.

One service we offer is for a group of NESA Members making a presentation at your next Eagle Scout Court of Honor. This presentation is offered by two or three NESA Members. We will come to your new Eagles Court of Honor or other ceremony your Troop sets up to honor your Eagle Scout. Our presentation is approximately 10 minutes in duration and we will work with you on the proper time for our presentation. We will supply our presentation document prior to your Eagle Court of Honor, this will allow for proper planning and the avoidance of duplication.

We stress that a continuation in the scouting program is a lifelong commitment. We represent NESA with the wearing of the signature NESA Neckerchief and Eagle Slide. Our Three Harbors NESA Members are from different occupations and some are still members of the Scouting Society. We dress representing these occupations and all members wear the NESA Neckerchief and Eagle Slide. These items are a distinct notification that we all are part of the NESA Brotherhood that we are welcoming your new Eagle into.

We have done many ceremonies to date and all have been well received! Can we do yours?

Further information:

  • NESA Member:      Rick Seeger
    • Telephone #262-835-2926
  • NESA Member:     Josh Crow
    • Telephone #262-822-1789

Additional helpful documentation to help you prepare: