Sinai Lenape Chapter (OA)

The Sinai Lenape Chapter of the Kanwa tho Lodge represents the Fox River and Root River Districts of the Three Harbors Council. The name means “people of the river.”

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Kyle Kaczmarek – Chapter Advisor

Ryan Laffin – Chapter Chief

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Dean Busalacci – Chapter Relations


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Kanwa tho represented at NLS (National Leadership Seminar), along with the section chief and other section leadership.Mobile UploadsPart of the C7 contingent at NLS! Are you here with us? Let us know using the hashtag #C7atNLS!!!
Sat, Oct 11, 2014
Source: Kanwa tho Lodge Facebook Page
** NOAC Update: Friday, Oct 10 ** As of today, we have taken registrations for 41 youth and 21 adults, for a total of 62 signed up in the Kanwa tho contingent. Earlier this week, I upped our request to national to 25 additional spots (from my original request of 15). This would be on top of the 40 we have already confirmed. *If* we get these additional spots, that would put our contingent size at 65. Depending on our final contingent allotment, we may have to make some difficult decisions, as some that want to go to NOAC may not be able to go. If necessary, youth members will generally have priority over adults. The national leadership is at Michigan State University today to meet with officials there to figure out if they can accommodate more attendees at NOAC. I would expect to hear the outcomes of those discussions in the next few days, and would then expect to hear if we get any more spots within a couple of days of that. Stay tuned to this page for the latest updates. When I know anything, I will post it here. In the meantime, if you want to go but haven't registered yet, please do so. Even when we reach our contingent size, there is always the possibility that somebody may drop when more money is due or because schedules change, so we will make use of the wait list. The response to NOAC has been absolutely overwhelming, and I can tell you that lodges all across the country are dealing with these same issues. Thank you for your patience as we try to get as many of you to NOAC as we can. Bob Farrell Lodge Adviser
Fri, Oct 10, 2014
Source: Kanwa tho Lodge Facebook Page
I would like to add to the NOAC update posted earlier this evening. As of the end of today, Monday, Oct 6, we have taken 42 registrations for our 40 confirmed slots for NOAC 2015. I have already requested 15 additional slots, but as I posted last week, and from the update from the National Chairman that you can read in the earlier post, there is no guarantee that we will get any more slots. Our initial contingent request of 40 slots was based on the responses I received from an e-mail blast that I sent to all dues-paid lodge members whose e-mail address we have on file (which is about 75% of all members), where I asked their likelihood of attending NOAC 2015. From those responses alone, I estimated about 30 registrations, and optimistically applied for 40 slots. The lodge was immediately billed a non-refundable $100 for each slot by national. However, based on additional queries from lodge members I received after registering for 40 Arrowmen, it quickly became apparent that we would likely quickly fill our 40 spots and likely need more; hence I requested the additional 15 slots last week. In the meantime, further registrations are still being accepted (and encouraged) at the Scout office for our waiting list, in the event we get the additional 15 slots or in the event that somebody in one of the top 40 spots eventually drops out. Youth members will have priority, on a first-come first serve basis. The $100 deposit is still required to secure a spot on the waiting list, at least until we get to 60 registrants. Obviously, the deposit will be refunded if you don't get in. I am overwhelmed by the amazing response for this event by the Kanwa tho Lodge members. I appreciate your patience as we wait to see if we will be granted the additional 15 slots for NOAC 2015. Bob Farrell Kanwa tho Lodge Adviser
Mon, Oct 06, 2014
Source: Kanwa tho Lodge Facebook Page