Sinai Lenape Chapter (OA)

The Sinai Lenape Chapter of the Kanwa tho Lodge represents the Fox River and Root River Districts of the Three Harbors Council. The name means “people of the river.”

The Chapter is currently active and posting activities on their Facebook page:


Questions? Please contact:

Kyle Kaczmarek – Chapter Advisor

Ryan Laffin – Chapter Chief

email unlisted

Dean Busalacci – Chapter Relations


The items that follow are automatically aggregated from the public posts on the Sinai-Lenape Chapter group page on Facebook. The Fox River District takes no responsibility for these posts, but republishes them here as a service to the Chapter.

One of these people was from a former lodge in this area...Can anyone remember who, and which lodge he was from?Timeline PhotosThe values of cheerful service are cherished and recognized by many outside of the OA. Some former Arrowmen have become very well-known for their dedication in their respective fields. Can you name other famous Arrowmen?
Sun, Feb 22, 2015
Source: Kanwa tho Lodge Facebook Page