Fox River District Training Chairman: Open, will you volunteer? In the meantime, please contact District Director Margaret Williams with your questions.

Frequent training opportunities are offered. Almost every month leader training is conducted either in our district, or in another district near us. Every boy deserves a TRAINED leader!

You can start this process online by taking Fast Start Training appropriate for your position. Please visit the BSA Online Training Center to begin the process. We suggest you take FAST START and YOUTH PROTECTION training immediately. Don’t worry – they don’t take very long and will help you be the kind of leader your Scouts need you to be.

In addition to Fast Start and Youth Protection, you will also need to take This is Scouting and your Level Specific (Tiger, Cubs, Webelos, Scoutmaster Indoor & Outdoor, Committee, or Commissioner) training in person. These courses are usually offered in a single 4 hour session on a Saturday, or two 2 hour weeknight evenings. After you do this, you will be considered “TRAINED” and will receive a patch to wear on your uniform reflecting that.

After you are TRAINED, consider taking advantage of some of the other opportunities we have to take advanced training.

  • BALOO and OWL are offered each spring, and allow Cub Scout Leaders to camp with their packs and Webelos dens, respectively.
  • The Trainers Edge is the first step to becoming a Pack Trainer, and is also required for Wood Badge.
  • Five Star University, Lord Baden Powell University and various local Pow Wows offer a wide variety of courses, and the opportunity to earn a non-accredited degree from the Boy Scouts of America! You can take these courses from our council, or other councils nearby too!
  • Wood Badge for the 21st Century is offered approximately every other year, and is the pinnacle of training offered in our council. This is a life changing course and will help create leadership skills you can directly apply to your personal life.
  • Religious organizations offer Religious Emblem Counselor Training opportunities.
  • Boy Scout Leaders should plan to attend Scoutmaster Indoor and Outdoor trainings.

You can learn a lot more about training opportunities by visting our council training website: You’ll find the link on the left side of every page on this website, and each time we post training opportunities to the front page!