Who’s Who!

Ever wonder who does what, and what exactly it is they do? If you see that there is no name in a position, it likely means there is an opportunity for you to volunteer. Many hands make light work, and make our district and council stronger. You can also learn more visiting our Program & Committees pages.

District Key-3

District Director Margaret Williams 414-443-2864
Committee Chairman Jeremy Laffin  262-818-6970
District Commissioner

Glen Bordak


Committee Members

Activities Ken Penge 262 492-2712
Advancement co-chair
(Eagle Advancement)
Tim Bartleson 262-857-2575
Advancement co-chair (MBs) Lisa Sharp
Advancement co-chair (MBs) Carol Voss 262-902-4709
Camping Rob Thomas 262-857-4600 or
262-818-1697 (c)
Communications & Web Daniel Gross 414-455-7488
Fundraising Margaret Williams 414-443-2864
Friends of Scouting – Family Division Denis Druker 262-744-6739
Friends of Scouting – Business Relationships Dan Bowser 414-303-6234
International Activities Daniel Gross 414-455-7488
Membership Ken Penge 262 492-2712
Training Volunteer Opportunity!  —
Kanwa tho Order of the Arrow Fox River / Root River Chapter Chief (YOUTH) Ryan Laffin 262-818-6970
Kanwa tho Order of the Arrow Fox River / Root River Chapter Adviser To Be Determined

Commissioner Staff

Assistant District Commissioner

Garrett Forkner

John Fotsch

Roundtable Commissioner Norbert Paul
Roundtable Boy Scout INTERIM: Glen Bordak 262-687-6621
Roundtable Cub Scout

Other important people to know

Cub Scout Winter Event
Boy Scout Klondike
Pinewood Derby
Scouting for Food Denis Druker 262-744-6739
District Dinner February, 2014

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